Screaming in terror a symptom of schizophrenia?

I was diagnosed schizophrenic 7 years ago. Most of my symptoms were like night terrors. Waking up screaming hysterically or sometimes while wide awake. They said it was separate to sz which confuses me as that was how it started. I did sleep studies seen a neurologist and they were baffled… Since then nothing even without antipsychotic medication. Has anyone else had episodes of screaming/night terrors?

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Can be a bit of disassociative…You were hijacked…Some of the doctors are explaining it as something else now but just ‘spastic’ like tourettes. You cannot control it.

You can have night terrors and not have sz. I have never woken up screaming but I have woken up sweating and sometimes crying before.

With night terrors though apparently people don’t remember dreaming if they were at all. I recall all my dreams.

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@lightmyway. I might have had a few night terror but I would not associate it with sz/Sza

I’ve had night terrors before. The ap’s took away them though.

Thanks for your replies. The psychiatrists at the time were saying it’s not associated with sz. But they labelled me that anyway because I thought there was something demonic happening to me regarding the constant screaming. One time I had a day terror, it was very scary at the time and haven’t heard reports of other people having this? Anyway, my psychologist who I have seen for several years and my previous psychologist believe I have been “misdiagnosed” sz. They’ve written reports to the hospital but the hospital disagrees and maintaining the status quo. I have been off antipsychotics for two years. I even started smoking weed a year ago to see if I really had sz. Now I’m hooked and really trying to get off it. But no delusions no screaming. But I have had a couple of hypomanic episodes and subsequently taking mood stabilizers they just changed diagnoses to sza. If I had sz I would have had psychosis by now after two years of no antipsychotics?

@lightmyway if you’ve been off AP’s two years and not showing psychosis I doubt you have schizophrenia…I hope you aren’t anyways.

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Sounds like you’re not SZ!!! But be weary and careful anyways!!! PS I’m not a doctor

I suffered with panic disorder and terrible bouts of night terrors growing up.
I later developed Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder.
Having Night Terrors does not necessarily mean that you will develop Schizophrenia.

Another year has passed without psychiatric drugs. My previous psychiatrist and a few psychologists I seen said I haven’t got it. I’ve had no symptoms since Jan 2011. I was originally diagnosed with Schizophrenia back then but after using a Ouija board. I felt a dark foreboding oppressive presence in the unit where I was living. At a time in 2010, I had seen movement of psychical objects which did paralyse me with shock and fear. In Jan 2011 when I was hospitalized when my ex-wife a registered nurse admitted me when I was screaming in pure terror during the day (including frequent night terrors). I have since become critical towards psychiatry as most psychiatrists around the world are absolutely convinced the principals of biological medicine apply wholly to the mental realm and they will give a full explanation to all mental and or spiritual life… They just assume all mental disorders are reduced to the brain and that’s all there is to that. I’m lost…I don’t know what to believe. But I’m doing fine without the drugs.