🙀 (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆ the sixteenth(ฅ^・ﻌ・^)ฅ


Is anybody watching the news?


I got the radio on atm.

I was reading some news last night/this morning though.


Sometimes it just helps to F L Y :bird:


s i z e i s t h e p r i z e

s w o l e i s t h e g o a l

i t s g y m t i m e m o t h e r

l e t s g o o o o o o


Not atm, for a change. What’s happening?


working on “Write a program that prints the longest substring of s in which the letters occur in alphabetical order.”

I solved it before. Now, I’m doing it again. It’s hard for me. A bitch.


I am a soul eater


I woke up thinking it was Monday, Ugh, I have to decide if this will be a productive day. or sit on my butt and let things fall apart. what to do…


My mom no showed on me again. I was dressed, ready and waiting outside in the cold, but she didn’t come. I got her on the phone eventually and told her to go without me. She’s either always really late or doesn’t come at all to do things we had planned on. I’m sick and tired of being disappointed by her. I fall for the trap every time because I’m so isolated and have no friends or things to do.


@anon84763962 and @Boogaloo We have rain and fog today so I have to wait another 14 days for the tree walk.


I’m sorry that happened to you.


i am highway star


I’m heading for a friend’s place soon. I’m gonna have a talk with him about respecting my boundaries and acknowledging my attempts to get him to do so. I’ve been preparing for the talk all weekend.
I hope he listens and doesn’t get upset :confused:


Had to delete this out of privacy reasons.


My cousin’s cat just died…

So sudden…

Only 2 days of him hiding and that’s all it took.


I vacuumed and now I have to shower, I broke my bathroom light switch so it quite a chore getting the light on, need to pick up a new one, always something needs fixing


@TheNicestFreak bummer. it’s raining here also. no baseball game to watch, don’t know what I’m going to do instead.

14 days really is a significant amount of time but if you find something to occupy yourself it will seem pretty fast


Some idiot where I live said you a real hoe and of course what do I do?I take thebullshit to heart does he know you no


I shouldn’t be giving any attention to the asshat.


DOPAMINER. Definition: a person full of dopamine :slight_smile: just kidding :smile: