🙀 (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆ the sixteenth(ฅ^・ﻌ・^)ฅ


My water tastes like blood. Either I’m losing my mind, or something is wrong with the pipes :open_mouth:


I know how they are doing it but I can’t stop then so I’m going to have to go out there.

I alright tried with the lights.


I’m watching the movie Cell with John Cusack. I’ve been on a pause for 40 minutes. I’ll get back into it.


think I’m going try to get a 2nd shift job. that way I could get my shots before work, also it fits my normal schedule. I don’t get up til 10am most days and go to bed about 2 the next day


If you were a vampire you’d be in heaven. Free piped in hemoglobin. Every blackcoated dude’s with fang’s dream. :slight_smile:


Suspended from what?


I was on my way back from meeting a friend and this guy honks his horn at me because he couldn’t get passed me to fly across 4 lanes and into the round about. I flip him off and her gets out the round about and gets next to me and motions “you mean me? you can met me over there” So I flip him off again and he gets behind me and I get into the lane he was just in. And he’s about to follow me so I’m like “okay buddy, follow me 15-30 minutes out of your way to my house and we can have a chat.” He ends up going back the way he was going and it’s just like damn, you’re mad at me over stupid ■■■■ that wasn’t even my fault lol.


I need better food… The food my brother bought me all tastes like chemicals and I can’t get myself to eat it. I also slept from 3am to 2pm today. I guess I’m depressed again.


Talked about smoking weed.


People f!cking suck. I was at this four way stop once and this geezer took forever for his turn so I went. He raises his arms and mouths something. I pressed my face to the glass as I was passing and gave him the shittiest durtiest look I could give. I think it was my grandfather’s pastor. You reap as you drive.


I apparently woke up from my nap and immediately started posting. This doesn’t make any sense but I kind if remember something about using a lamp to scare away something bad from the dream I was having while napping.

Brains are weird.


You probably freaked him the ■■■■ out haha

Like there’s some demon on the road :imp:


Eh! My patience with people’s BS is quickly going to hell. I’m hell spawn. We’ll prevail. :slight_smile:


OH by the way…the person I met, was from online :smiling_imp:



I am scared :worried: :fearful:


I wish I wasn’t broke so I could get the ■■■■ out of this house. My dad and my brother are fighting like crazy and it keeps escalating. I’m barely being fed (there’s like one pack of ramen left and a few cans of cheap food that tastes like chemicals and I can’t eat it) on top of that.


Can you go grocery shopping? Do you get SNAP?


I could go grocery shopping if I could get SNAP, provided my brother would drive me. The main obstacle there is getting transportation to an appointment whenever they have me come in to discuss my case. :confused: My brother works all day and doesn’t come home until well after regular office hours are over.


In Indiana I could do it all over the phone because I told them I didn’t have transportation. Is that an option for you?


I’ll see if they allow for that. When I got my letter before when I tried applying in college, they only gave me information to reschedule if I couldn’t make it in.