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🙀 (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆ the sixteenth(ฅ^・ﻌ・^)ฅ




Come on, @Arturo!

I can tell from context whether or not someone is a child, you should too.

You’re a grown ass man, there’s just no excuse for pursuing a relationship with her,

Even if it is just an internet thing,


Oh right I know intentions “don’t matter” because the end result is what matters. And all men are failures. I understand exactly where you are coming from. I guess I just won’t “intend” to do succeed at anything then and just talk ■■■■ to you all, all day.

No, this is the exact conversation I had with my neighbor the other day about her ex boyfriend. The guy tried very hard and inevitably the guy ends up hurting people over and over. And I told her I do the same thing. In the end, it’s too bad if your feelings are hurt because there’s not a damn thing I can do about that. Offense is taken, not given. That’s life. You have to get used to being disappointed.


I have this Lego set I should build and a video game to play but I’m under the covers now. Need to warm up. :slight_smile:


Wow. You definitely proved one of our points. I guess I’ll let you decide whose.


Well that’s good for you but not everyone is the same. Stop making generalizations people!!! I am not the same as you. I thought from her picture that she was about my age.


I am always right. I may offend, but in the end I still try to do the best I very can. I don’t let you take that away from me.


I thought you were just burning up? Have you been outside this whole time?!


I was. Now I’m chilled. Something funky is up somewhere. I should a bp reading but I already know that’s going to be out of whack.


I need breakfast but I have a headache, probably from not eating, and I don’t want to move. Why?!?!!


And, really, I might as well wait for lunch at this point.


Its early still,

You should have some sort of little snack.

Or at the very least drink a good bit of water.


Can you drink some juice or a shake to keep your bloodsugar up at least?
I mean, the ideal would be eating a little, but if you can’t, maybe something drinkable would be an option?


I will take a nap


Have you looked into those Boost or Ensure drinks? Those may help with your energy levels.


I’m way too fat for meal replacement shakes.

I just had a mandarin. Hopefully it helps.


What about a regular shake? Or a smoothie?


I’m starting to think I should take my own advice. My belly looks smaller and smaller every day.


Meh. I’m not shaky or anything. Just a headache. I’m making a slice of toast now so I can take some Excedrin. Blake will be home for lunch in about an hour.


RIP to my last paycheck. Thanks for letting me at least pay my two credit card bills this month.

I now have no money again

P.S. Anyone have any get-rich-quick schemes that aren’t going to take my soul? :rofl: