Scrambled brain/negative vent

I haven’t been getting enough sleep. I’m on break from work and have five days to go. I need the routine and focus. I’ve been eating too much/too much sugar and not getting out enough (it’s 22 degrees right now and it makes me lethargic) Negative thoughts predominant. I’m doing everything wrong right now and as a result I’m teetering on the water’s edge. Need to snap back.

Have you been drinking more coffee than usual?

I’m on break too… no school… not much work… too cold to go out and garden…

no routine… low on sleep … high on sugar…

Not feeling right… I can’t wait until the schedule goes back to normal.

Wishing us both the best. :v:


Not really…just not on a schedule so I get messed up. I wake up a lot and have been getting up at 2-3:00 am, and I like the quietness, but ends up being not enough hours each night. It’s been worse before, but 'm getting old. :slight_smile:

Sorry hedgehog :bear:
try to go to bed around 11:00 pm and drink cammomile tea prior… Hope you feel better soon

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Thank you! I went to the gym and worked out for the first time in months and I’m hoping that will help too! It helped my mood for sure :blush: I will take your advice as well!

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The body will release hormone that would elevate your mood.

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avoid the sugar it sends the brain/mind on a high…
steer towards high protien food…it will level out the mood swings.
make yourself go for a walk in nature :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree:
take care :alien:

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Thank you, @darksith. I know you’re right. I have sugar cravings all day, so it’s going to be hard to quit, but I have to. I’m off to the gym right now. Difficult because of people there looking at me, but I have to do that too. I love a nature walk…good advice! Happy New Year, btw! :smiley:

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when you crave sugar…replace it with cheese or glass of milk…it still tastes good…but it sustains you for longer.
have you considered doing light weights…
people may glance …but that is it …they are too self absorbed…go for it :stars:
happy new year :fireworks:
take care :alien:

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