Scotland-Norther Ireland Bridge: How Likely is it to be Built?

Reports have resurfaced that a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland is being considered by the UK government.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said there was a “proper piece of work” being carried out by a “range of government officials”.

BBC Political Correspondent Nick Eardley said he understood the idea was being “taken seriously” and it would become clearer later this year if the idea was likely to proceed.

Scotland-Northern Ireland bridge work ‘under way’

The idea has been floated before with two potential routes suggested - from Portpatrick to Larne or near Campbeltown to the Antrim coast.

However, are cost and technical issues likely to rule it out before it begins?

Personally I think its a pipe dream.
Boris Johnson has suggested loads of crazy ideas like that which seem okay in the abstract, but when the actual physicality of them are worked out they are deemed poor, or over expensive.

His “garden bridge”, and floating 3rd heathrow runway immediately come to mind.

Not sure about the floating runway, but the garden bridge project should be revived.

Its easier to fly and takes less time unless its a railway bridge with a fast train,

Ferries are ok but take longer, idk if they could have a tunnel but i heard the area has been a dumping ground for weapons in the past or something

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Yeah @mrhappy I feel like a tunnel must be more sensible than a bridge in the long term. Just blindly guessing though.

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A bridge is more susceptible to high winds, idk how deep a tunnel would be though