Scored 4 free bread rolls!

For the longest time our wee village had no shop. Now a really nice family has opened one. I am making a big effort to use them as much as possible rather than my money going to big supermarkets.

Anyway I was just in the shop getting a few things. I was at the till when the owner asked if I like bread rolls. I said yeah.

She reached over and gave me 4 bread rolls for free. She said they were excess from today’s order. I offered to pay for them but she insisted I take them.

I was very touched by this act of kindness. The family shop will be getting more of my business on the future


It’s always nice when something like that happens.

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That’s nice of them @anon94176359

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How kind of her :slight_smile: Enjoy!

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That’s great man. Small shops are the future

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