Scopophobia.anybody have this symptom?

i have alot of fears and i avoid most social situations.also i read a post saying the person was too proud.i have the same problem.i feel like a grenade and everybody around me wants ME to pull the pin.

Well, society dictates a certain amount of suffering. If you feel you might explode, it could just be a big fart coming on.


Im a little confused. I used to avoid social situations because my hallucinations and delusions were too distracting and I could only socialize if I was at least tipsy. But saying you feel like a grenade and everyone wants you to pull your pin…do you feel like you are angry, on the edge all of the time? I also felt like that, I would do my best to get rid of that feeling my exercising intensely. A perfect day for me before medication was cutting class, reading the material and teaching myself, going to the gym, then drinking extremely heavily with my drinking buddies…and that day happened a lot.