Scientists take next big step in understanding genetics of schizophrenia


I’m trying to understand the meaning of the scientific paper’s summary, but no luck thus far, it’s very complicated.


Genetics is a huge risk factor but I think it is also overplayed. If for example, twin concordance is 40-50% then actually 50-60% of them don’t go on to have schizophrenia, why is that? Because environment is just as strong of a predictive factor as genes. Grant that most of these twins would have been raised in the same environment although I’m sure that you could find studies where they are not and find correlations with genes. Further gene studies can show clustering without giving causative mechanisms. Being a polygenetic developmental disorder with strong environmental influences genetic testing is more useful for identifying ultra-high-risk individuals than it is for diagnosing for discovering clinically useful therapeutic targets. The landscape of this will change over time and the cost of sequencing of a person’s entire genome is being rapidly reduced. So this research will eventually become of clinical relevance. That said I’m not sure how predictive genes really are.

It’s the same issue with brain scans.

What you really need is a grouping of small but robust effects from a combination of genetic testing, neurocognitive batteries and MRI scans to provide accurate diagnosis outside of clinical interview. We are not close yet.

Genetics also has its own complicated terminologies which I don’t know a lot about. They aren’t very practically revenant to people with a diagnosis and most people who are ultra-high risk aren’t really interested in the body of research nor do they want people to intervene in their lives due to genetic testing.

Still gene testing at the gp will become a lot cheaper sooner then it will for MRI but I feel it is less predictive.


I think environment is sometimes a trigger. I think THC triggered my sz. Stress plays a small part too.


439 sz causing variants. A few years ago they said they only discovered 20% of those genes. The hardest part will be making a treatment pill with no serious side effects. That might take at least 50 years lol I will be long time dead by then.