Scientists just created a new 'love hormone'


While this is good news, I don’t think artificial hormone or chemical substance is a replacement for personal qualities.
Otherwise, we will have all sorts of magical pills and end up with students taking “hard working” pills and feeding babies with “fast growing” milk.


Personal qualities are entirely based on physical premise, so if you change what is going into the physical structure you are indeed changing these so called personal qualities.

But some stupid students take smart pills and we give animals growth hormones?

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Oxytoxcin would be better than nothing but falling in love would be better than this fake oxytoxcin.

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They do have “hard working” pills. Its called adderall. And i wouldn’t be surprised if there are chemicals in food that make children grow faster. If we can do it to chickens we can do it to humans. And ill try some oxytocin @everhopeful . Ive definitely put worse chemicals in my body before

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