Scientists discovered an infection that they think causes schizophrenia


Wow! If this is true, there’s our cure folks!

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I tried the bartonella frequencies and got nothing. Oh well though.

SZ has a plethora of causes.

Of the 17 patients with schizophrenia, 12 had Bartonella DNA in their blood, as compared to only one of 13 in the control group.

So not everybody in the (small) group but still, that’s super interesting.

I wonder if it is liklier for people with schizophrenia to be unable to completely fight off the disease than people without sz.

“What we’re starting to see is a pattern – Bartonella can persist for a long time. And for the subset of people who can’t eliminate the infection, the bacteria can cause chronic or progressive illness.”

It’s certainly never good for your general or brain health to have a long term infection, or a deficiency.


12 out of 17 in that little group, that’s huge.

I think I’ll get tested for Bartonella just to be sure.

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Wow then ive been getting bartonella infection a lot over the years

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They did use a special kind of test.

Bartonella ddPCR, a very new diagnostic technology, provides a more sensitive molecular test than we’ve previously had access to,” says Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt, Melanie S. Steele Distinguished Professor of Internal Medicine at NC State and study coauthor. “If we had not used ddPCR to test this cohort of individuals, we would not have found Bartonella DNA in any of the participants, either case or control.”

I got scratched by a cat as a kid. My mom is a cat person. Im narurally avoidant of them.

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We cant jump to conclusions on this.

They dont know what virus or bacteria it is and it may be a small subset.

In my dreams they tell me its the norovirus. Not sure how im getting these dreams. I have theories.

I dont believe everything i read anymore.

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They also said herpes, mono, and lyme disease i think. Nothing definitive.

And sometimes lyme disease mimics sz. When treated with medicine, sz symptoms diminish.


If Bartonella causes schizophrenia
(Rather,if any cause causes the schizophrenia )
the question;
What do you mean by the word schizophrenia ?
1-A whole condition having an independent existence,it suddenly materialized within the essential nature of the human being,and its functional activities in the human nature is responsible for producing all sorts of changes,disorders and symptoms

2- OR,is it just a group of symptoms,each of them work independently regard with the rest of the other symptoms
It means,there is no whole condition (root) at all in the human nature can be diagnosed,but rather there are many symptoms can be diagnosed,therefore the schizophrenia regard with you are a group of symptoms !

If so,the question;
How a bartonella it behaves functionally with the biochemistry of the brain cells,which transmits information from one cell to another and causes the induction of paranoia manifestations,identity disorders,social isolation,disturbances of thinking and language of expression of ideas,adopting false beliefs,loss of ability to distinguish between events that happening in the external world and an event that occur in the imagination of the person,no recognizing any disease…etc !!

Without winding or rotation
what is the mechanism for creating any of these symptoms ?
what is the change introduced by the bartonella in the biochemistry of the brain and leads to the emergence of these symptoms ?
Tell us the creation process of any symptom by action of bartonella in the brain

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What do you mean you tried frequencies?

What’s that mean?

@naturallycured We’ve asked you before to please stop posting about unproven alternative “therapies” and “pseudoscience.”. The “Rife Machine” is not recognized as a legitimate therapy for any medical condition.


Apparently Japanese knotweed has been shown to kill this bacteria better than antibiotics.

Japanese knotweed is the plant they use to make resveratrol supplements from.

They think it could be the resveratrol that kills pathogens.

Too much resveratrol can affect the thyroid so I’m only taking 30mg of resveratrol. My resveratrol is from Japanese knotweed.

Peanuts, chocolate, Japanese knotweed, red wine etc etc…are rich in resveratrol.

i don’t think it is causation i think it is just correlation.

maybe to do with the immune system in terms of causation

BUT IDK :expressionless:

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Is it cheap and easy to get a test for the infection and does it have a cure or treatment?


That’s what I would like to know.