Science: A Psychopathic Career Choice?

“I’m not a psychopath, Anderson, I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research!” – Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

What does it mean to be a psychopath?

Being just as ignorant on the distinction between psychopath and sociopath, let alone the definitions of these conditions as Anderson (a forensic technician and nemesis of Sherlock Holmes), I too had a need for doing research. My vague ideas of what psychopathy entails came mainly from a psychology-buff friend in college who repeatedly applied the term to an ex of our mutual friend. The term “sociopath” was less familiar to me. When” sociopathy” came up in a faculty panel in our ethics class (proposed as a condition which makes people highly suitable for academia), I decided it was time to find out more.


i think a lot of phycopaths work in wall street and the government lol


I am pretty sure that there are a lot of psychopaths in the medical field, they stand emotionless when patients die


I honestly believe there were a dangerous few who crossed my brothers path and did more harm to this family then good.

They would talk of my brother as if he was lab rat. They would talk down to my Mom and act like we didn’t know anything.

At least there are some who got into the field to HONESTLY help and be kind and not self-aggrandizing.


One of my first psychiatrists was very controlling and non sympathetic. He kept me on harmful medications that worsened my condition for years - I was too out of it from psychosis to do anything about it at the time. But there are GOOD docs out there that want to help. You are right kidsister

Working in psych for 10 years, I’ve seen a great deal of professionals whom I’d classify as psychopathic. A lot of docs and therapists who exhibit and enjoy the control and power over patients WAY too much.

While these are bright, educated professionals, I think they have no place in the healing process. Their psychopathic tendencies tend to inhibit trust and healing among patients. And if you cannot bring healing and respect to your patients, then you have no place in the helping professions.

There have been a few psychopaths that I wouldn’t let anywhere near my patients.

I think these types of people would thrive in scientific research–with no access to living beings.