Schrödinger's cat


@ninjastar will love this. It has calculus and cats! :nerd_face: :smile_cat:


This is so cute

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Holy cat Batman! That’s a lot of math !!!


Fking classic, funniest thing ever

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Apparently cats are good at math. Oh, they’re also good at conspiring to trick their owners.

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Cats have a rudimentary understanding of gravity. Any cat owner will know this as paw comes out and topples things off a kitchen or bathroom bench…

As to relativity and physics I’m not ruling them out. They may know more than us because they lead a great life and we are cleaning up after them!



‘Prometheus Rising’ Is A More Fascinating Book To Be Completely Honest And Such.

And That’s Not Even Mentioning, ‘Quantum Theory’, (By) The Same Author.

Mr. Robert Anton Wilson.

One Of The Greatest Deep Thinkers Of The 21st Century!.

Quarter!, No Quarter!, Quarter!, No Quarter!. All Hell With It…, Why Are Quarters Silver?.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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P.s. ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep’, Is Also Pretty Good. Don’t Ask To Describe, A Kid Was I.

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Thank you for sharing!!

I wish I could make this a profile picture across all platforms, but for now, it will have to be my background :smiley:

In other words, I don’t want to escape the [box]. I want to come back, free all my people, hang the ■■■■■■■■■■■■ that kept me there and burn the house to the god damn ground.

…but what does the cat do when its not being watched.:joy:

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Cute! That cat looks like Charlie. Maybe he’s the new John Nash.

Hmm? If I ever have another cat in my life I will name it John or Jane Nash.