Schools will now include mental health curriculum in health classes


Finally some good news.

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That’s new? We discussed some of that when I was in 10th grade.

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When I was in technical college we had a Civics studies class a couple of times a week to give us some relief from the technical stuff. The civics teacher was an ex social worker and she went through talking about all the mental health diagnoses such as Sz and bipolar etc with us in the class. I was in the midst of a mild psychotic break at the time and the classes helped me self-diagnose and seek help. I managed to get my technical certificate qualification and graduate thanks to her.


That’s really good. It should.
I did not become violent in public because I had over heard from my Mom, before falling ill, that her friends son became violent breaking car windows and throwing stone at shops.
This same feeling I got while I was at the initial break, because I had the above information I did not act out.

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As someone that worked in the public school system for years, this makes me very happy.

I’ve been waiting for these changes to occur.

It’s about time.

Thanks for the good news @everhopeful!

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