School today

I have a big presentation coming up in less than 3 hours- it’s a presentation that I tried my best on, and I’m really excited to finally present it.

I’m also trying to love others more, instead of hating on others or letting them down. Recently I’ve come to realize that I was living my life centred on myself, so I’m trying to fix that.

I’m really excited to kick off this Tuesday- I’m also grateful for my family and this new flat. Although we had some turbulence yesterday, we’re doing better today.

Please wish me luck on my presentation! I got this.


Good luck and pat on the back for all the hard work you’ve been doing. I’m sure you’ll do well.


I hope that the presentation goes well. AAA


Lots of A+ I hope!! Thank you :hugs:


All the best @whirling-leaves

Good luck!


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You’ll do great :+1: :dizzy:

What is your presentation about?

Your hard work will help you no doubt! Good luck!

@CoCo @FreeLunch @Schztuna @Jonathan2 @Om_Sadasiva @rogueone The presentation went well! Thanks for the encouragement!


That’s great! I’m so happy for you! What was the topic

I was trying to answer this question earlier but it didn’t let me send! It was on teaching English to foreign language learners.


TEFL! Cool :sunglasses: :cool:

Oh that’s awesome! Are the learners all from the same background/language or do they come from different language backgrounds? Is it hard to teach English to non English speakers?

I think that’s upto the teaching plan, and would need careful planning to fit the group of learners. Usually, you kind of get a mixed bag. Some students speak really well while others don’t. I usually teach youngsters.

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Wow. Very cool. I’m so impressed.

Thanks! Hard work but definitely rewarding indeed.

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