School Thread

If you’re in classes at the moment, how are they going? Or if you’re starting classes soon, which ones?

I’m in three classes at community college right now and they’re sort of a lot to handle. It feels like a juggling act. I’m also working 26 hours a week, and luckily I have a job where I can work on homework during down time, but wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this busy in my life. Midterms are next week and I’m a little worried because I feel like all of my time has gone toward just completing the homework assignments and I haven’t had a chance to actually study and comprehend. I am currently getting high A’s in all 3 classes, and I hope I can keep it up. D:


When I was last in college, I was so out of it, I just kind of slid by and never even paid attention to my grades. So maintaining good grades this time around is really important to me.


Keep on keeping on!

Medications will help. Wish I was on the pills when I was in University but wasted some years trying to do that!

Kudos to you! Your doing really well so don’t change much. Beware the stress! It’s stress that will cause you more problems than anything else! Especially with work!

Let us know how your doing! I love to see people meeting the world head on!

A friend in the struggle,


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Wow, congrats for working and doing school. Is it necessary that you work?

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