School or job? Help me

Considering that pharmacy school is expensive, i have to make a decision. I’m 26y and i need to start making money.

Should i persuit school or a job? This is my options:

  • Pharmacy school online
  • Pharmacy school presential
  • Part time & pharmacy school
  • Full time job

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That depends.

What kind of work would you be doing if you didn’t go to pharmacy school?

Do you already have your degree?

What would you be qualified to do after pharmacy school?

I would be a pharmacy technition


I find that difficult to answer it all depends on how comfortable you are with working and also training… do you have apprentice options

Online pharmacy school then part-time pharmacy work (if you can find it.)


If you work as a pharm tech, your job might offer tuition reimbursement for part time school. My friend got her pharmacy degree that way.

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Ofc part time with pharmacy school.

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Well if you’re able to.

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I regret not getting a trade or education, life might have been so much better

Get the education for what you want to do now and i the long run you will make a lot more money


Since you are only 26,if you think you can handle it I’d say online pharmacy. But be honest with yourself if you think you can deal with all that remembering of information whilst on an ap

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Wish I had skills or a career before sza. Hard to learn or do anything after. I got sick at 22. Only have 1 work credit…


Had many jobs before my sz diagnosis at 21y.o.
I started working at 14 y.o. Now I can’t work and can’t even volunteer.


I don’t know what presential means but if that’s traditional learning in a classroom I recommend that.

The on campus experience is better for your social life and a better education in my opinion. You are still plenty young enough to go to school.

I went back at 45. Never too late.


When I graduated from university there was ppl over 65 years old graduating. I remember a granny (probably over 60y.o.) in my psychology class sitting next to me. She kept asking me questions.

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Full time job, all the way — become a waitress or bartender …
College is a hassle and a gamble …