School drop outs/non-completers high risk?


I stayed beyond the minimum leaving age of 16, but left due to illness before taking my A levels.


I matriculated to University but couldn’t even do an arts degree. Ended up being kicked out due to low grade point average…twice! I’d say my deterioration in math was a major indicator. I went from a math wizard in grade 10 to a failure in senior. I passed by doing science and english. Curiouser and curiouser.


its definitely cause for concern when someone drops out of school/college/uni huge cause for concern but i guess it depends on the circumstances, there may be other reasons for it but a reason should at least be established imo.


I knew several people who started uni only to drop out due to illness. One of them was called Keith he used to walk around the hospital grounds and town as though he was Jesus(had long hair and beard).


I dropped out of college :frowning: but i got lots of certificates just didnt completely finish the second year but i did do the hard stuff first :frowning:

I left on bad terms but i dont think it was my fault, i have also been discriminated against at college and prevented from progressing toward a placement and a 2yr part time hnc :frowning: that was tough :frowning:


I’ve dropped out of school several times.
Most of those times were before I got diagnosed. I would oversleep, didn’t do my homework, didn’t pay attention in class, sometimes fell asleep, etc.
I got good grades on the tests, but I never completed enough schoolwork for the teachers to be allowed to give me a grade average, so I always wound up thinking “it doesn’t matter” and dropping out.


I dropped out of medschool. I could have finished it, was smart enough but just couldnt care about any of it and doing my honework.

Wasted potential really. No motivation, not a care in the world.


I dropped out of uni.


I dropped out of medschool too.


I dropped out too. Was a senior. Needed 5 classes to get a college degree. That was 7 years ago. I couldn’t stop philosophizing and couldn’t tell what was real. Hardest classes of my life and dropped out before I could fail. Had to pay some of it back and discharged the rest. I don’t think I’m that smart, especially compared to my peers. I thought I had dementia my senior year. I could not retain much and forgot a lot. My brain was disorganized. Needed energy drinks to focus and motivate myself.


I barely graduated high school. Did well in community college. In college, I drank a lot and smoked skunk weed, did salvia, and shaman herbs. It was the marijuana and stuff that caused the psychosis and illness. Thought I went to mars.