My therapist thinks I’m schizotypal because I’m not psychotic. It was weird because we had just been talking about how the music on the radio is saying bad things about me. He frames it as me hurting myself by interpreting things negatively but that’s not how it feels in the moment. I guess I gotta keep waiting for the psychiatrist visit next Monday cause this is making me more confused TBH

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Here therapists can’t diagnose

Only pdoc

I had a therapist before and it was not good for me

She kept emailing me YouTube videos of monks singing to lakes

Yea, say no more


Man that sounds like a headache and a half…
My therapist is legit just the first one my pdoc recommended and I stuck with them. Maybe that wasnt the best idea but I would feel weird going to someone else or quitting now

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If you have a choice that’s good

In England you get what you’re given - and that time is very limited

The joke of it all was that the waiting list was nearly 3 years!

Hope you can speak to your pdoc

Who cares. They can’t diagnose psychiatric issues.

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Most therapists have very little knowledge when it comes to severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar.

Get your feedback from a qualified psychiatrist, they are equipped to diagnose and treat schizophrenia effectively

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