Anyone here schizotypal and agree with it? Magical thinking does not apply to me. I scored high on mmpi-2 for sz scales but do not halluciate and am not paranoid but ‘suspicious’

It seems to me ‘odd beliefs’ and ‘eccentric’ behavior are rather subjective?

What STPD traits do you have? I fit the diagnostic criteria but it looks like from what I read that a lot of people with that diagnosis are into conspiracy theories, being kidnapped by aliens and occult (none of which describe me).

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I was diagnosed schizotypal before the voices and delusions

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I mean, if you’re young, like 16-25, umm, maybe watch stress and, like, sleep? And most importantly; drugs…not okay.

Yeah, I mean, when I was prodromal I could push the weird stuff away and function and…yeah.

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