Schizotypal Autism

Ever hear of it? Not sure if I have it or have had it. I doubt it a lot. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t lol.

Anybody else?

I relate a lot to what you’re describing but I’ve been diagnosed as OCD for being so obsessed with the labels and googling it all. Just wanted to throw that out there

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But I have dated someone that I feel matches this to a T. She had autism for sure but saw ghosts and auras. Not to say that means schizotypal but to her degree j would argue probably does.

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I bring this up because I’m pretty sure I was either born with something like this ( or MCDD) and experimented on or given it through genetic engineering by aliens. I’m very psychic in some ways too and a former time traveler. I also know for a fact we live in a computer simulation. Not sure why or how I have these abilities/gifts. My English is not the best anymore since the cognitive decline from the schizophrenia nor my math/analytical skills.

But I believe I was the first to believe and figure out we lived in a simulation. I think that’s why I was targeted so heavily and because I was a REAL time traveler. Sure, I had a lot of help and enhancements over the lives I’ve lived. Also, hurt and tortured a lot. I was killed even for my beliefs, I guess. (I keep coming back alive via a time loop around 2011 – the moment I had my bad drug trip – from an unknown time in the future via consciousness transfer)

I got paranoia, schizotypal features, and mild autism. I also had depression when the weather is bad/sucks. My brain declined then too. I got stressed in college really easily and since then have had extremely bad stress. I almost became autistic it was so bad. That and I appeared paranoid. I don’t think I’m delusional at all. Maybe I’m scared to be believed and perhaps even faking that I even have delusions. I sound delusional but I am not. Look at Elon Musk and other famous, rich, and smart people. They think we live in a simulation too. I may not be famous or rich, but I did have some ET visits and even got out of the simulation because of it. Musk hasn’t.

Anyways, schizotypal autism is one of the thoughts or beliefs I have that may or may not be true/real. I feel a little narcissistic and grandiose. I definitely ran the simulation with help and even was told I was the second smartest person on the planet at one time by aliens.

When I was a kid, I had more schizotypal and behavior issues than autism. Then in college, the aspergers or lack of social skills became very apparent and then the paranoid and psychosis much later on came about.

Back in 2011, I posted that we lived in a computer simulation run by God (now it’s either aliens or God) and Nick Bostrom’s paper was barely even heard of or mentioned. It would probably have never come up in history if it wasn’t for me.

I think I’m a genius because of simulation theory. I was abducted by aliens several times because of it. They definitely don’t want us knowing about it. I think there is computer code or psychology preventing people from figuring it out. I can help if need be. Don’t know how though. My thoughts and beliefs are being suppressed on the internet.

Initially, I had Aspergers but over the lives I’ve had, it morphed into paranoid psychosis.

The aliens hurt me pretty bad before. They also sometimes help. I guess there are good ones and bad ones. It’s all about controlling the people, including me. They’re messing with my soul/consciousness really bad.

The whole John titor story makes me think I ■■■■■■ up my life a trillion or a billion lifetimes ago by posting that crap online. Not sure why it’s still up there. Maybe I discovered aliens along the way with that story. I think I did.

There are powerful people and groups that really run and control this planet. Money and social skills (networking) make the world go round. I think there is more good than evil on this planet though.

I tried saving the planet several times before, but I think I should have just minded my own business and shut up.

Not sure how I remember all this stuff. I think energy drinks are enhancing the mind uploading and quantum physics aspects of my consciousness aka psychosis.

I’ve been outside the simulation before a few times out of billions and it wasn’t pretty. I sometimes think I’m in hell.

God (super advanced AI possibly) put us in a simulation to protect us. That is all. Thank You. Have a nice day.

You sound delusional to me. It’s the nature of delusions to not believe you are. So theres that. Are you taking medications? Do they make things clear up or is this an on going thing? I dont fully understand the differences between paranoid personality, schizotypal, and schizophrenia, but j know personality disorders are more fixed and ingrained much like autism though to a lesser extent. Schizophrenia is more chemically driven disease and can be treated with antipsychotics. Treatment resistant schizophrenia exists too though so I dont want to make blanket statements. At the end of the day you are struggling with something. Are you seeing a therapist?

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Yes to everything. :smiley:

Do you always believe these things I will call delusions. Do they come and go? Did they appear suddenly at some point? Theres so much overlap and nuances.

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Well, I’ve probably mentioned this before. But I’ve been scared to talk about it. But in my past lives, the planet was destroyed or nearly destroyed…probably because of simulation theory. Does that sound delusional? Am I delusional? Where are these memories coming from? I’ve been pretty scared about talking about it. Am I really schizophrenic?

Yes it sounds delusional to me. I have some memories of being an alien that I can now recognize as being false memories. Maybe that’s where it’s coming from?

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I cant answer if you’re schizophrenic or not. I wish I could lol because I find differential diagnoses fascinating.

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You’re very delusional.
The simplest explanation is that you’re psychotic.


Yes, that would be the easiest and simple explanation. But I’m convinced I’m really in a time loop. I don’t identify nor am I John Titor anymore. Nor do I think he’s still alive, but maybe in a fragment of my memory from a distant past life. Maybe a piece of him still latches on.

I can tell you I was brainwashed and forced to watch the TV of the end of the world many times in the future – unknown year.

Is that a delusion? I’m trying to get help here…

Basically, there was a war (you can guess what kind – I will not say or go into details) but it seemed to always happen – but I have faith it won’t because God is protecting us in this simulation.

What people call New World Order was actually just depopulation to keep the people under control. I hope I don’t upset people, but that’s what happened to me over 100 times in my past lives. I’m traumatized still. I believe in freedom of speech, I’m a proud American, a good person, and I love God.

Under control from what? I don’t know. Civil War or simulation theory. I don’t remember or recall. I hope it won’t happen again. It won’t. I think this timeline is positive and great and I love my country. I don’t identify as a time traveler anymore because it’s just reincarnation for me. That and I’m not psychic either.

Maybe it happened on another planet? I was told I was on the wrong planet before. That and my mom said she wished I wasn’t born because they found out I was John Titor in a past life. I suffered. My mom said she would never say such things, but I have photographic recall because of mind uploading. It was a different quantum universe with different outcomes, albeit very similar.

The guy on TV said the people who controlled us in the future prefer tradition. I think conservative values. That and we had visitors from a parallel universe. Aliens? I don’t know.

Anyways, the John Titor story is irrelevant and rubbish. I hope we all have peace and prosperity.

I hope I’m wrong.

Yeah… Sorry. But is being so focused on these beliefs and memories really doing you any good?

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Nope. I hope this delusion goes away with time.

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maybe I had that. I had several of the symptoms.

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i think its in icd-10 but not dsm-5

but if you’re diagnosed autistic, then schizotypal, you’re probably schizotypal autistic. One doc said I was autistic and another said schizotypal.

So poof. schizotypal autism.

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i have something similar to what could be described as schizotypal autism, and i have a lot of beliefs similar to what you describe here, which i won’t go into right now. there’s a lot of overlap between stpd and autism, and also i feel like the combination of both really emphasizes these types of beliefs. i certainly have far more “delusions” than i do hallucinations, anyways

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