Schizos just sit around and talk bout sex

Not sayign they are any worse than anyone else/… but it’s on here all the time.

Sexual confusion… sexual desire… creepos in speedos and daisy dukes the donned attire.

man I’m tired of it…


ha, that’s funny.

I don’t talk, I just Do.


Everything that happens in life is on the forums, SZ people have sexual thoughts and desires to, a lot of it is in fun, it’s a forum, the chance of a hook up, meeting relationship forming etc are almost nil, Just part of a adult life and I’m not seeing the whole forum swamped with it.


Dude, don’t take this the wrong way, but you have been super complainy lately. Is everything okay in Azleyland?


It’s not true, sometimes we listen to music :smile:


I just don’t care for sex myself. I don’t know that its on here all the time though. The talk of it though is invading my dreams!

I’m more interested in spiritual love than physical.

Though, Nature is essentially sexual.

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently?” - Through the Looking Glass


People with schizophrenia have the same primal desires (sex, eating, sleeping, etc.) as people without schizophrenia.

If human beings didn’t have sexual desire we would have become extinct a long time ago.


There is actually a dating site for exactly those kinds of relationships.

It is just full of people who want nonsexual romantic relationships. Most of them are girls.

My contribution


You go girl!!!

I hope to have a girlfriend when i lose this weight

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Yeah I mean I’m alright just kind of chaotic and lonely… trying to get ■■■■ in line.

Got dreams of a good future with an easy pathway to it… it just doesn’t take much for me to start breaking down and I get lost in the chaos of the world and sz…

I gotta apologize. I know you all don’t really mind.

I’m gonna say my good byes though.


How are things going with your computer business? Any more planning yet?

Got a job cloning a hard drive and adding some ram to a Laptop. I quoted the guy at 40$… it’s a local real job. Kind of lost hope when I saw the first two requests were just scams.

So that’s out there.

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Yeah, I’m sure you’ll hVe to sift through lots of garbage to find the true clients. Starting any business is tough. Do you at least have a business account yet? Those things are very useful.

I’m tired of the troll talk too, it gets old doesn’t it? Seems to be rampant lately.

this is site is a lot better than it used to be about trolls,

or disguises as mental disorders.
I used to be able to spot it,
can’t anymore,

which is a good thing.

I recall it being a big troll fest here too back when I first found the site.

Are you saying people post on this forum pretending to be schizophrenic?
I’d have a lot better things to do!

Our mods are very good at shutting the trolls down quickly.


What’s a troll? Is it when you hijack threads?