Schizoprhenia vs other disabilities?

I think to myself that being discriminated against for a mental illness is way different from being discriminated against for other disabilities. Like I bet you could successfully sue for one but not the other. I don’t know if I really am discriminated against or not, but I hate the feeling that if I am, it would be different in this way. And I don’t mean to be negative really, but I got the Sunday paper I wait for all week, and well no use complaining any more.

Have a good day.

I’m willing to admit that, as an MI, I can be a real pain in the neck.

I know that the Disability Rights Centers provide legal assistance and guidance to those with any kind of disability including schizophrenia. It just has to be determined that discrimination has taken place and this is not always easy to prove. They came in and spoke to us at my clubhouse but it was a good while ago…

i think it’s harder to be discriminated against when it’s a disability you can’t see.

so like, me walking down the street, i face no discrimination, because it doesn’t cross anyone’s mind that this kid is a schiz. as opposed to being in a wheelchair or something.

I’ve been discriminated against my entire life simply for being a little different but never once had the thought that I’d rather be “like everybody else” for if I was I wouldn’t know what I know, wouldn’t be who I am, sure I might be happier as one of “them” but then I’d have to be one of “them”

All great minds have after all differed from the herd, there should be no shame in being different. Normality after all is just some social construct as it’s interpretations have differed greatly throughout the ages.