Schizophrenics have potential

I think big pharma secretly knows the cure for schizophrenia anhedonia alexithymia and alot of mental illnesses but doesn’t release it to profit off of our misery and suffering. With these cures Schizophrenics could have potential to be Historians, Writers, Scientists, Top Artists , Musicians, Civil Rights Activists, Soldiers, etc. What do you guys think ?

Also do you think color codes have anything to do with quality of meds ? Pink yellow and white zyprexas tend to give me alot more side effects then blue ones. And the psychiatrist says color codes have nothing to do with it then i get a pillpack of blue pills for 1 week with no side effects then weeks on end of white pills with bad side effects :expressionless:

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This is completely no true about big pharma and SZ.

I have no clue about the color codes - never thought of it.

If the dosages of the pills are the same, the thing to look for is the difference in manufacturers. Each manufacturer of the same drug will have a slight variation.


Why do you think its not true ? In all honesty they disovered the cure for aids and how to replace gasoline with water in the 70s and probably found the cure for schizophrenia in the 80s. Big Pharma is big business and big money for the corporate elite


The different color pills could be from different manufacturers and thus might be slightly different, so you aren’t imagining side effects from certain colors and not from others.

I don’t know about big pharma finding a cure for sz and though…

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You don’t think it costs alot to society having skizos out there if there was a cure?


There is no cure for AIDS.
AIDS occurs when HIV has destroyed your immune system to a point of no return.
Be ready to die if you have AIDS.

There currently is only treatment and preventative meds for HIV
to it from further harming your immune system and spreading it to others.

I mean big pharma makes so much money from the government and insurance companies so they keep us on crappy medicine. If they released the cure and were cured we wouldn’t need meds anymore so no money for them.


Thats just what they want you to think. I feel sorry for people with aids but the government doesn’t.


Don’t be ignorant about HIV and AIDS.

Big pharma cooperates with other industries. What can they put in food to make more people turn crazy. What kind of tv programs can make people haywire. The goal is that at least 20% of the population will be schizoprenic by 2030. Jk :smiling_face:

Do you have any proof for these claims or is it just a conspiracy theory that you have??

I think pharma is lost with this illness. They were just lucky finding D2 blockers 50 years ago. Antipsychotics is all we got and it got us out of horrible nightmarish insane asylums. We are lucky living in this day and age.

I think the simple fact of the horrible side effects i get from these meds combined with the fact i never get sick once when i take them is proof enough. You think after 60 years they would have found out which ingredients are good and which are bad.


We have come along way since they discovered Thorazine. We have a alot of AP’s. Typical, atypical, pills, injections and they are still developing new drugs. Alot has been done since the 60’s. We still don’t know how most of the brain works. If there was a cure against psychotic illnesses then we would know of it. There would be too much money to be made.

That is the exact opposite of the truth unfortunately.


What do you mean?? What is the truth??

You said there would be alot of money in a cure. A cure is a 1 time thing , after that one time you buy the cure you never buy it again. Instead of that cure pills that keep you sick causing obesity, diabetes, lethargy, low sex drive, no motivation etc that you need to function and lead to buying other pills for other illnesses which leads to more and more money.


Schizophrenia affects approximately 24 million people. That doesn’t include other psychotic illnesses. There is alot of money to be made. Most drugs are generic by now.

We have potential to be soldiers anyway. We’d be the cannon fodder on the front lines.