Schizophrenics are okay!

Calling it “psychodiversity” rather than mental health reframes the debate

The language in mental health is a constantly evolving phenomenon which doesn’t hold true with the underlying concept. This problem has become worse since the political correctness movement grew in mental health.

I’m a person who is more interest in the concepts than the words which describe them but I’ve had to face the terminology problem which is a constant source of debate in the mental health activism movement. What’s the right word?

For example, if I were to use the term “schizophrenic” on a Mind or Rethink Facebook post I would always be criticised by others because the term doesn’t fit in with what the the supporters of the two leading mental health charities find acceptable. Their views on language are what’s believed by the big mental health charities and the national antistigma programme Tine to Change. In their logic "schizophrenic” is stigmatising language and is, according to the prevailing consensus, unacceptable in public mental health arenas.

What do others think of the term “psychodiversity” ? I think the author understates how disabling schizophrenia can be.

Of all the labels out there I kind like the schizophrenic one. Makes you a mystery, makes your accomplishments, even the most trivial ones, more outstanding.

Schizophrenia is a very broad category of diseases. If there was a real effort to pick the disease apart it would become several illnesses. Those who believe in telepathy and its subsets, those who talk to God, those who talk to satan, jesus syndrome, persecution complexes, and it goes on and on… With a lot of overlap.

Really it should be picked apart by symptoms. Schizophrenia type 21 d with features of b.

The meds are all the same though.

Therapies would be drastically different however.

Psychodiversity seems to be a separate phenomenon. People should be a aware of psychodiversity. Which includes all mental illnesses. More specified labels at least pinpoint what genre of an illness it is.

Haha it’s 2015 and were only pretending to understand mental illness.

Schizophrenia is real and some people are lucky enough to not have to face it or understand it. That goes for a lot of things.

There will always be the ignorant mass who doesn’t give a ■■■■.

I guess I don’t like psychodiversity as a label. As a conceptual word to identify that people are psychologically diverse. More like any other kind of diversity. It seems ok. But as a replacement for the schizophrenic label… It just doesn’t fit. Maybe delusional, or ‘prone to a certain set of hallucinations’ fits better then telling people they have an illness.

All that aside no one goes around calling people schizophrenic without warrant. Even people who know I have mental health issues don’t use the term.

If you have schizophrenia as a diagnosis then you are a schizophrenic it is that simple and harmless.

Most of these problems aren’t typically viewed as psychological instead they are neurological.

Neurodiversity, that’s what the term should be if you really want to include everyone under the same umbrella.

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I do agree that schizophrenics are okay.

I’m awesome! F*ck society’s labels.


That’s a good mentality.

I’ve had some good friends who were schizophrenic. They were cool people and I had a lot of fun with them for years. They were perfectly normal except for some symptoms which I wouldn’t have known about if t they hadn’t told me. We did everything that everybody else did. We went to clubs, went to movies, ate in restaurants, went to music stores and bought CD’s, went to the park, went to concerts, and many, many, other things. Schizophrenics are more than OK!

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People won’t rest till everyone is a sensitive pussy and any word or gesture is an offense.

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What till everyone is like you :smile:.

I’ve grown to respect you mal…

Took a long time.

I think it’s another fruity label made to protect people’s fragility. Honestly people get offended by EVERYTHING nowadays. I feel like people who call sz “psychodiversity” don’t understand what it is. It’s not just being different. It’s not just thinking in a unique way. It’s an illness.

Maybe we should call people with cancer “health diverse.” Absolutely ridiculous. If they want to change the name go ahead but psychodiversity? Come on.

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh. I just get so frustrated nowadays about how sensitive and delicate everyone has seem to become.

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I don’t mind people being offended by words that have historically been used as insults. Racial slurs, the word “retard”, etc. It’s when words that have never been used in such a negative way become offensive simply because people are overly sensitive that annoys me.

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You’re right. This guy is a weirdo. Schizophrenia is a disease. We have genes we can point to claiming it as such.

From the article:

“The supposed brain illnesses cause of schizophrenia can be forcibly treated and personal beliefs overridden using “lack of insight” as a medical reason because of the illness model of mental health.”

The title “schizophrenic” is not as bad as “pumpkin king”


I’m the king of the shittiest realm

I will be severely disappointed if, at my funeral, I’m not referred to as “that freaking nutbag”. It will mean that somewhere, somehow, there’s an exposed nerve that I haven’t trod upon with extreme prejudice.

I don’t care what people call me as long as there is some strong sentiment behind whatever words they use!


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i call people nutcases or crazy all the time yet im the one with the mental illness lol

it reminds me of when i was in elementary school, the word ■■■ or gay was used so commonly and nobody ever thought anything of it, we didnt even know what it meant

people usually call me a “free spirit” yaaaaaaay im free! sure dont feel like it :smile:

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I’m hoping that the use of the word schizophrenics in the title means that you agree @firemonkey . We’re schizophrenics. It is unique disease. The closest thing is someone with leprosy being called a leper.

■■■■ this illness.

I agree with the title of the article more than the content of it. If schizophrenia was just " being different" then fair enough but it involves significant distress and difficulty functioning for many.
Overly glamorous descriptions are just as bad in their own way as negative ones.

Your a smart dude.

It’s an interesting idea.

I’m not ill, I’m just psychologically diverse. It sounds like something my sis would say when people ask her about me. It really sounds like a Seattle sort of word.

If I was going to do something like that… I’d like psychologically dynamic.
Because the brain is doing something new all the time.