Schizophrenic wins lottery


He spent it like a boss

Yeah, I won the lottery alright. Mental illness, drug addiction, losing my housing, having to quit school, my back is screwed up, losing family members Yep, I’m mighty lucky; I won big in this stupid life.

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But where Does his all money wen…???

That`s a shame-his guardians should have watched over that for him!

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This story is sad…not sure why it got three likes

Hate how they say mentally challenged…should say something like mentally disabled

I’m pissed! This is such a sad situation.

Had she known of Ramsey’s winnings early on, Laughlin says she could have set up a “special needs trust” that would have allowed the money to be spent for his benefit — but not for other people — without jeopardizing his government assistance. As it now stands, Ramsey could lose his Medicaid, which pays his medical bills, and SSI, a needs-based program that covers his $1,000-a-month room and board and would pay for costlier nursing care he might need in the future.

“There are certain income and resource restrictions in order for you to be eligible for the benefits,” says Patti Patterson, a Social Security Administration spokesperson. “So you can only have so much in the bank.”

Is it too late to set up a trust with the remaining $118,000? Judge Laughlin has appointed a new guardian and “that’s something he has to figure out,” she says. “We’re hoping he can.”

Poeple are trying to help him this has more detail


I wonder to neurotypicals do we seem mentally challenged?

Thank you @Dude1 for sharing this info about a “special needs trust!” I will add this in my Relapse Directive.

Every one of us should have a Relapse Directive folks!

Most of us will have parents who pass away who have life insurance. It is great that a “special needs trust” can be set up to keep us kosher with our SSI.