Schizophrenic Rapper Kendrick Lamar Drops New Album

DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar dropped at midnight. 14 tracks, amazing lyrics, unreal beats, Kendrick is awesome.


I couldn’t find anything about Kendrick lamar being schizophrenic, but I did see something about somebody named Gucci Mane

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I don’t think Kendrick is schizophrenic. He is spiritual and wise I would say.

What makes you think that this guy is schizophrenic?

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Is he a schizophrenic? ??

He is a good role model by not using drugs or drinking.

I thought his song about a pool full of liquer was about enjoying drinking but I think its about the bad aspect that can be from drinking.

Who says he’s schizophrenic.

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I would also be interested to know why he is referred to as schizophrenic, never heard that before and I’m a big fan.

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I never thought he was schizophrenic. He doesn’t sound like he’s drugged up on antipsychotics.

He has this one line referencing sz, but listening to the song It’s clear he isn’t specifically talking about himself “It’s such a shame they may call me crazy
They may say I suffer from schizophrenia or somethin’
But homie, you made me”

He is often very open about his battles with depression though.


A lot of rappers talk about schizophrenia because it’s highly prevalent in the inner cities especially neighborhoods where living is stressful