Schizophrenic laughing to himself

Just take away that other stuff and that’s pretty much it.

Me and them, all night, sometimes this happens to me, laughter for no reason.

But no one can see it, there are no lamps or deer heads moving around, no one can see it.

This is us though laughing to ourselves and why. Us and them, laughing.

Alot of truths in films these days.

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Internet provider disconnected me from internet yesterday, so I loaded up twilight 2008 the first one. Just for giggles

So giggles indeed, I could not contain myself and I laughed like maniac in 80% of all scenes. Until about middle when my internet had reconnect. One of those “be free” moments and perhaps something more.

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The vampire went from a toothless bald dude creeping around a castle, to a creepy guy played by what’s his face in bram stoker’s dracula, to twilight.

How the ■■■■ did that happen?

The original vamps were bad but bram stoker’s was even worse, and now twilight.

It started getting stupid with interview with the vampire but now this ■■■■?

Yeah, twilight was more of a comedy really.

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call me sappy if you want but I really enjoyed the love story in twilight. I like shiny vampires rather than scary ones. Kristen Stewart was awesome in her role.

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Vampires are serious.

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