Schizophrenic Househusbands of Beverly Hills-40 years later

(Jack and Bob found drugs that got rid of their positive symptoms and weight gain. But they couldn’t do anything about their negative symptoms. Their apartment was taken over by a cruel company that kicked them out in favor of richer people who were preferred for residency. So now they are on Skid Row. They are in for a surprise.)
Jack: Damn rats took my breakfast again.
Bob: Here. Have my burrito.
Jennie: Can a lady have that?
Laura: Yeah we’re starving.
(they look into each other’s eyes a long time. Eventually they recognize each other.)
Jack: Hey you are our former wives. What happened to you?
Jennie: The pandemic messed up our businesses because everyone gained a ton of weight.
Laura: We married men who used our youth up and then dumped us on the streets. Now we are bag ladies.
Jack: Well we did nothing special. We gained so much weight that we had to have knee transplants but then new drugs made that better. However we just didn’t have the desire to do much any more.
Bob: Yeah. Those negative symptoms are terrible.
Jennie: Yeah. So was the Pandemic. It didn’t end for 30 years.
Jack: Yeah we didn’t get the virus because we were born during previous pandemics.
Bob: Yeah pretty amazing.
Jennie: Hey what the heck. We’ll be the couples on Skid Row.
(A security officer comes forward.)
Security Officer: It is my sad duty to announce that Skid Row has been shut down so some businessmen can build apartments here. You have 30 seconds to leave before you get arrested or shot.
Jack: WTF
Jennie: It’s a new law. They can do it.
(So being chivalric the cops shot the men and arrested the women. It was a sad end for the schizophrenic househusbands.)


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