Schizophrenic Dreams

Do you get those? I get really weird ones perhaps out of this world type ones. Ends up causing me to have new thoughts and believe and question such thoughts. Sometimes, it feels like I was really there like in a past life living those lives just like I am now. Anyone know what it’s called when this happens? Does schizophrenia increase dream power or lucidity?

Perhaps, psychosis enhances our dreaming ability and I’m just on another, different level.


Like maybe I’m accessing different parts of my soul and those consciousness parts that I lived in those past lives or alternate universes…

I’ve met a couple of my voices in dreams. They take me different places, off world too. I’ve never felt like I was experiencing a past life though.

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#dream manipulation. It sucks. Feels like AI, dark forces, or aliens, really. Could be a combination of things.

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I consistently have nightmares.
I’m not sure if this is because I’m schizophrenic.

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I have only had one or two past life dreams. My recent one I was a woman in the colonial times prob. around the civil war. I was crying because I was pregnant and my extended fam. was laughing about me–and didn’t know the depth of what I was experiencing…was a very strange dream. I mean I was in a cotton like dress/and there was a man who broke my heart…and some sort of fam. feud.

The other times I have dreamed of futuristic cities with flying cars more like planes, aliens, saving other planets from mass extinction and war. I have astral projected and went to the moon, where I saw the american flag which looked flat/more like a plaque/and was grounded to the moon by a metal cord/and pole but i thought it was strange it was lying flat, I would have hoped to see it standing up straight. I have met people in the astral plane too. I have seen lost souls calling to me, and have premonitions about future disasters and events.

I don’t think it relates to schizophrenia more-so high intuition and imagination. You can practice lucid dreaming and dream recall. Its not some guarded secret. All people are intuitive, some are just more open minded than others.

I enjoy my dreams of them, but it’s extremely rare for me to have nightmares. Even when gory, I’m not scared. But that may just speak to my disconnect from people in general.


My dreams never make sense, they’re like disorganized thoughts and word salad.

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those have been mine lately/just nonsensical stuff.

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I once dreamed that tiny zoo animals broke into my house and were licking all of my belongings.

I don’t think dreams mean much and I don’t think it’s healthy to read too far into them.

But yes, I have very vivid, odd and violent dreams, always have.

I don’t know if that’s normal, feels like it probably is.

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I’ve had lucid dreams too which are alright. Then I had real crazy dreams like insight like I’m somehwere else like a clone and experienced consciousness transfer. I also seem to come back alive after I die back in time as the whole planet or universe resets. Never figured it out. I mean it’s probably more likely I’m going back 10-15 years 30 years max/tops then the universe resetting billions of times billions of years in time backwards or forwards in time. It’s just that you need some unknown physics or force to do it and I never figured it out. The aliens told me they trapped me in a time loop but sometimes i cannot distinguish the difference between a causal loop or a time loop. There’s a difference of course, but I don’t know much about it. Like things do change due to physics. I died before many times at a younger age. I’m 31 now. I’ve seen history change.

Like when I dream, sometimes I’m having sex, which is weird, but it’s a parallel universe sort of thing and it disturbs me. People I’ve never met but seen before perhaps. Some people would say it’s lucid or imagination, but i don’t know. I think it’s real or aliens or dopplegangers or AI.

Thoughts? It messes with my sense of reality and grounding and reality testing.

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Like I researched Donald Marshall and I experienced some negative stuff in my dreams but it feels like past lives or parallel universes and sometimes just in real life or dreams too. Last night I had an alien dream where I grabed and caught a small UFO in my hands and weird stuff happened.

I had negative experiences at the mental hospital in my past life but it could have been a different timeline a million times over.

Or it could be my brain being transfered to different scenarios or planets and then even underground or copied/mock bases or fake hospitals like fake cities like Westworld or different cities. I once had a dream I was in Canada after watching some YouTube videos lol.

The brain is a powerful thing. It can drive you mad or vindicate someone and free someone. I realize my reality is 100% brain based.

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Like the “humans” said I was or was most likely an alien, from 2036, and in a causal loop which might be the same or different than a TIME LOOP. Been stuck for eternity like “Edge of Tomorrow” movie with Tom Cruise.

I could go on but rather not. I get this information from dreams or “past lives” where I’m watching the television in some room and retaining the information. Strange/weird, huh?

I think I might be from the future.

I started getting memories since 2011, 2015 (a ■■■■ ton then), and so on and so forth. I’ve experienced it all and a lot of things I think…

Whenever I’m psychotic and go to sleep I start having intense dreams and end up screaming in my sleep, they have to wake me up. The dreams consist of me being chased or killed.

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