Schizophrenic Automatic Writing

Hi.I am schizophrenic.I hear voices.I am homosexual.I make automatic writing.Here a link to listen them on youtube.I think they are a lot representative of schizophrenic thinking.They say about homosexuality, religion, sex, suicide, bullying etc.I dont know the source for this writings.Spirits?,telepathy?, subconsciouss mind?, i think listening it is entering my mind, and my mind is the one of a schizophrenic.I take two antipsychotics at higher doses both and this is not solucion for my voices.Are they spirits?.My mail: [Removed by moderator] The link to listen this texts:

Do you write down your voices?


I do write letting my hands on the keyboard and writing what comes from my subconscious mind or spirits, i am no sure what it is.But is the same as ouija but writing.It is some kind of channeling about different topics, i dont write this counsciously.

Surrealists used to do the same. Automatic writing in order to see their subconscious.

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That’s right.I do it typing, not with a pen, that makes it easier.

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