Schizophrenic at Large

I get a funny feeling walking around this town. I am constantly laughing at myself. Here it is a schizophrenic walking around the town. No one is stopping me from walking around. Nobody wants to arrest me and put me in a mental hospital. I keep laughing inside at this funny situation.


Ha you may say that - but people round here KNOW im sz - and often i get a snidey comment, normally from the scruffy unwashed less educated types that have just fallen out the bar.

Been threatened as well - no point reporting it to the police round here - cos they assume its in my head.

Saying that - most people are too caught up in their own lives to even care - you gotta be careful not to get too paranoid about it.


I’ve been through the talking to myself, around town phase.
I used to laugh while walking around town, because of what the voices say.

I’m in the phase where I don’t want any trouble from the police; but I agree with you say that you don’t want to be placed in a mental hospital, myself.

The disease can be embarrassing at times.


It happens. But i experience that olangepine tablet make wonder for me. I became entire different when my pdoc started this med after an episode.

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