Schizophrenia's uncomfortable for most

I want to de-sensitize people to schizophrenia/affective disorder. I just don’t know how. I was in class earlier today and we were talking about trauma related to the fukushima disaster and i wanted to scream out so badly that i have sza and the words didnt come so i stayed silent. Im tired of feeling this is some sort of burden for me and not prevelant in society. Everyones crazy in their own way, i know, but i feel we r always the one with the short end of the stick of misunderstanding. I just want to yell out. I just want to cry. I just want to find peace of mind.

I think you mean the opposite, de-sensitized they already are!

I want people to know too, so I choose them well and tell the basics, make them understand and not feel pity at the same time. Deal with it with humor.

It’s just a label buddy. Be more specific about your traumas and you’ll find a wider range of people to discuss it with.

OCD/Neurosis/anxiety and stuff like that.

I do feel there are some people who are on here who have a very similar psychosis to mine. I doubt I’ll ever meet anyone in real life to discuss it with other wise…

Let me ask you this. Do you ever have normal moments that are void of SZ? Like even a passing 5 seconds without hallucinations? Capitalize on those times to deflate the ainx.

Un-exposed is what they are…

We’re the ones who are de-sensitized.

lacking sensitivity to the issue would be insensitive.

I despise schizophrenia though… the talk on here is dependably depressing. Where are the lights and the color? Where are the flashes, pops, and bangs. This community needs some fresh air blown into it.