Anxiety caused my anxiety.


Happens to me all the time😵


Have you considered the fact that anxiety might be your problem.


Usually starts with a heartbreak
There’s a death of reverence which usually last about six to twelve months (morbid depression)
Then we begin asking questions most don’t realize can be asked.
This is proceeded by beginning to take notice of how events in our environment are synchronized with our thoughts.
There is an underlying communications channel we all share
when the mind is overactive and producing too many connections we accidentally ‘cross wires’; “voices” are the audibles in another person’s environment, another person whom we are accidentally and remotely hearing through, overlapping and mixing with the audibles taking place in our own environment.
This also explains less opaque visions of ghostly people passing in front of us, a visual trick while borrowing someone else’s eyes on top of ours and seeing what they are seeing layered overtop our own vision.

Ultimately our only crime was innocently giving too much of a crap and having too much faith in a world which we should’ve immediately recognized as corrupt and broken.
Had we seen what we were trying to invest in and belong too we wouldn’t have allowed ourselves to fall into such a vulnerable false sense of security.

And for the better; I like the deeper understanding for it offers some explanation to all the stupidity other than Eternity being an idiot and all of us Eternity’s victims forever submissive and submitted to its failings.


That’s why I take lexapro

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Anxious. Another word for mentally ill.

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Just posting more down here because the post needs to be 15 characters long.

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More like a catalyst for it

Hmm…but from what I’ve learned after my issues is that, for those who are prone to go crazy, it’s best to do so, get it over with and then build yourself back up again from scratch with a much tougher and self-earned sanity.

I think those who are prone to going crazy are also those whom mostly likely were geared to become scientists.

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