Schizophrenia wrecking one's social life

I am much happier by being a loner by choice, it very peaceful 4 me

I have a weak social life too. At least I have some.

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Since I have had no social life for the last 47 years, I would say no.

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Yeah, it ruined mine. My social life took a total 180 after I developed schizophrenia. I have no friends and no girlfriend and haven’t had either in a long time. I have my immediate family that I live with and that is it.


I think critically about it to keep the social from destroying my ego. Social life is a separated aspect of existence in the modern world. In premodern times life was still unified. Probably still crap, but unified. All I’m saying is social life replaced something in life like family and kinship ties that has been destroyed.

Schizophrenia absolutely destroyed my social life, and it started with my prodromal phase in college – the worst time to isolate and cut off from the world. But yeah, I’ve been slowly trying to recapture my social life I had in my teens by messaging my old friends. We’ll see if anything comes of it, though.

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When covid isn’t causing so much mayhem, I’m going to join different activities and make friends (hopefully). I really need to reach out and build a support system or I’m going to get smashed to bits by the eventually passing of my parents. Two of my doctors are approaching retirement, so I’m facing a lot of changes. Wish me luck!


My relationship with my family took a toil in the beginning, but later recovered. I know it may be hard to realize that they’re against you though.

In a weird backwards way I think it improved my social life??? Basically it forced all the fake, unsupportive friends to bugger off, and now I’m left with people who actually care about me

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Probably wasn’t schizophrenia. I never had enough confidence to have much of a social life. I think lack of confidence caused schizophrenia.