Schizophrenia: What It’s Like to Hear Voices

People with schizophrenia often have a hard time explaining what it’s like to hear voices.

“There’s a huge range of voice hearing experiences,” says Nev Jones, postdoctoral fellow in anthropology at Stanford University who was treated for her psychotic symptoms in 2007.

At the Cusp of Delusion

This is the third story in a three-part series looking at the changing science of schizophrenia and emerging treatments.
There can be “voices that are more thought-like,” says Jones, “voices that sound like non-human entities, voices that are perceived as the direct communication of a message, rather than something you’re actually hearing.”

Voices aren’t always voices, either. They can sound more like a murmur, a rustle or a beeping.

But when a voice is a recognizable voice, more than often, it’s not very nice. “It’s not like wearing an iPod”, says the Stanford anthropologist Tanya Luhrman. “It’s like being surrounded by a gang of bullies.”

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Beeping! Yes I can hear persistent little electronic beeping in the background if I’ve been overstimulated by a drug or lack of sleep. I was always checking my phone when this would happen to see if it was doing the beeping, but no, it was in my head.

Me to, beeping and buzzing.

" what do you think to that question mr. bunny ? "
" well , i think you can be rather annoying, dark sith ! "
take care

Awhile ago when I was taking Champix to quit smoking, I talked to my doctor about some things I was experiencing like being more sensitive to certain ‘noises’. He stated that hearing voices is more distinct… Doctors really need to be better educated on how symptoms can manifest.

I used to hear my cellphone’s ringtone.

I’d also hear doorbells. Not my doorbell that has a distinct sound but another doorbell.