Schizophrenia, what causes relapse?

Hi everyone, hope people are doing ok this new years. I started noticing vision blurriness with Abilify and it has been getting worse for the past two years or so. I decided to take a break from it for one month, and I seemed to start doing a bit better. I was more assertive and less confused. However, my little brother approached me and said that I sounded a bit off or intense on facebook. Lots of people rant on fb, but I realized and agreed that I have been a little off since then. So I went and refilled my prescription, and took it for about three days. The blurriness got worse. The two times after I took it I snapped at family members, almost like within an hour of taking it. I cried on the phone and yelled, “you’re not my real father.” to my dad and I think the sudden addition of Abilify actually induced a psychotic reaction. So what’s the point? My brother also said I could wait awhile before going back on Abilify and that if I am not having symptoms maybe not go right back on it or make up my mind. That I have to decide whether to continually take it or not. I can’t just jump on and off that way. I’ve decided not to take it. I haven’t taken it for about a week or two. Because every time I take it I’ll sleep a day, and it’s not working anymore. I don’t know…

I am not having symptoms yet, but I feel concerned. Will the psychosis come back? If I am diagnosed with Bipolar is that different, since my mood has been relatively stable and hasn’t shifted am I still risking psychosis because I don’t want to become psychotic I am worried if I do something bad will happen or I won’t be able to come back. Some people don’t after they get bad again. SO far this is how I recall the times I went psychotic.

My first episode was in January 2005 when I was 15, my second episode was when I turned seventeen after about seven months off of medication. One day I completely slipped. I had time lapses, I got paranoid, so manic it scared me it was like out of body psychosis. I heard people speak out of turn and stuff, and at one point I was so anxious and paranoid I hallucinated that the entire restaurant went silent and that the server said we are in the matrix. and that people were circling around and stuff, and all the people who would perpetuate this delusion were wearing black earpieces. LOL, and it was weird. I started thinking that I broke through the matrix of reality, and that I could see multiple dimensions of chaos and I conceptualized chaos as being a stack of cards, with each movement acting out of sequence so how I rationalized the time-delusion and broke through. We can only see in bits, or increments of space and we focus our attention upon movement. If you think that there is larger and faster movement beyond perception you can begin to train your awareness to see through, and that speeds up brain activity.

So like I love schizophrenia anyways, I kind of want the abilities back. when I was crazy --like it overwhelmed me, because everyone I came in contact with seemed to fall into the dimension I created- so like I can control certain elements. a good portion of my control is automatic, or, transdimensional but i cant control it completely, it almost opposes me–the wall-- I want to break through the wall that conditions me to believe I want to understand energy all I know is that energy is potential and here are my theories of how we were created. once, trillions of years ago, we were prisoners on a red planet that was set for doom. we were after the fallen girls and men, and then we learned to transcend.the sun we created our illusion of second life. earth was not there until we learned to come back.

thanks for nothing

Going back on meds is rough!

If the psychotic experience was so wonderful why did you end up on the meds in the first place?

When did I say it was wonderful? Did you even bother to read my post…so done. I have spent ten years to overcome schizophrenia and realize it doesn’t matter.

Right here actually but I’ll admit the overall post was negative towards it and I get the point now that you are used to the disorder now. I messed up with that one.

i’m sorry, for me some meds caused a relapse like risperidone the third time I was on it. The pdoc refused to raise the dose of it not quite your situation. I became manic and suicidal.

I haven’t had a relapse since I started taking medication, but when I was taking 20 mg of abilify, I started hearing voices again all of sudden and upped the medication to the 30 mg. Then very recently i started hearing whispers on 30 mg so I upped it to 40 mg recently of abilify generic. Unfortunately the majority of people with schizophrenia experience relapse at some point. This website says that staying off street drugs and staying on meds help, as well as avoiding stress, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.

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I had to go the mental hospital twice. the first time because I was a danger to myself and others cuz I said the voices were telling me to push people, and I was psychotic, but the second time I was already on meds, and went just because I was feeling suicidal.

I relased on Flupentixol. I am pre psychotic very often on 25 mg Abilify when I stop sleeping even on 300 mg Seroquel. It’s like my mind is forcing me to relapse.

I’m still honestly scared to death what it would be like to get to 10/10 recovery since the best I’ve ever gotten to is maybe 6/10 on rare occasions because I’ve had this my whole life and it’s kinda like 7 of 9 in Star Trek: Voyager where she got assimilated by the Borg when she was 6 so it was all she had ever known when she started trying to transition back to being human.

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I started out well functioning. I started hearing voices at 15 but they were pretty much gone for 10-15 years then it hit me hard. I’ve seen the good side of life. That’s what makes this so hard. I know what I’m missing. What I could have. What I could have been. And now it’s taken from me.

Yeah I guess in that way I’m lucky. Though I am seriously honestly fed up with having a brain illness that causes me to experience things constantly that no human being should ever have to go through and have never had an off period for it.

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My son is sz, and street pot definitely aggravates him, even though HE doesn’t think it’s a problem.

Thank you for posting the link, it’s a good article. Keeping close with supportive people seems to be a key to keeping better balance. This is true for anybody, sz or not!

I love Star Trek! Going along with my son’s journey in sz made me realize that being human has a million variations (I certainly never expected sz). Your “6/10” could be someone else’s 10/10!

I feel lousy (nothing like what you all are going thru), but I’m trying not to stay stuck in “victim.” Victim isn’t a sustainable remedy for anything! t’m just taking a day at a time and appreciating little things. I just remind myself that I want to feel better, and then (even if I have to force myself) I do something worthwhile (being careful not to get too addicted to this site!!) haha. Appreciating little things is like casting a wider net. Easier to bring in something good!

I’m so sorry. As a caregiver I’ve become aware of your loss/my son’s loss - but only to a small degree. I’m looking everywhere for something that might help. Everyone on this site seems to have very individual experiences and remedies. I applaud you all for being here, sharing. I hope better treatment is developed in the next 5 years. Or Less!!

This is a pretty cool video:
TED Talk: Dealing with the voices in my head

Hang in there! :sunny:

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Some people have episodic voices, they can have a specific person or group of people walk into room and the voices start making commands for them to follow. One approach here is to leave the location ASAP. If you can narrow down a specific group of people like a certain church’s members, may just be hearing it around SSDI recipients with schizo, new schizo people…Leave the situation as soon as you can without saying anything or following orders. As this is BAD joke, this could be a little frequent for a while or if you preplan your activities…

If you met a person who caused you a nervous or threatened you, then voices started-- if you quit talking to person without returning email or telephone calls again and avoid everyone you even met through them, your voices may quit in 3 years sometimes.

If you got induced psychosis from the drugs, I think some were better if they completely left the old group & family who used…Rest of symptoms are just something you have to accept, maybe able to eventually work and any voices are just background noise if you find a good employer who treats you right.

I had blurry eyes started when I moved to new city…You can try calling it dry-eye and use a lot of visine. If it continues, go to eye DR for new cheapest glasses you can find. Might be able to use or 39dollarglasses…Just depends on your RX.

I got out of the hospital in 1983, but I was still pretty symptomatic. Less than a year later I got a job. I became what they call “stable” and I figured I would never be hospitalized again. In 1988 I relapsed and had to be hospitalized again several times. It was due to a combination of factors; a crack addiction, stress, having a job than losing that job.

Probably the thing that tipped me over to a relapse was I that I had nothing to do. I wasn’t working or anything. I was living in a tiny room and sleeping on a mattress on the floor where my dad was staying. He would go off to work and I was stuck home by myself with no money and absolutely nothing to do until my dad got home 8 hours later. And anyway, it’s a fickle disease and I think I might have relapsed anyway without those factors due to the nature of schizophrenia.

Just a question, not trying to be rude so sorry if this comes out wrong…is your brother a doctor? Are you seeing a professional right now and being truthful about everything you mentioned in the post? I know sometimes we can be embarrassed to actually tell people what we’re going through and not everyone trusts their medical staff. Although, you brother does have a point you should decide to either take it and keep taking or go off of it, but I don’t know if you sound stable enough without the medications. I’m not trying to sound rude here, I’m just basing my opinion on what I read.

If you’re going through psychosis and you think that its better than reality, well yeah I can kind of see that, if you have enough control to manipulate your alter reality, and rather than having to face the symptoms I can see how you may find it better now, but what about when the delusions get worse and make you paranoid and possibly violent? I don’t know if you’re a violent person when in a delusional state, myself I’ve never been violent, But you have to consider the people around you…

Anyway, I’m not sure if you’re taking your meds or not, it said you’d take it then nothing would happen, but then when you did take it you’d start feeling things…but is this referring to when you took it in the past or are you not taking it one week and then taking it another week? That could be very bad for your body…If your body needs the extra chemicals the drugs send to it, if you take it, then stop and then take it again it’s never going to get enough of the drug. It’s like a constant Yoyo with your brain get it once…not get it, get it once, not get it. up down. up down. The brain can’t stabilize itself that way.

If it’s the drug you don’t really care for maybe you should ask your doctor about something else by saying you don’t like the side-affects you’re feeling.