Schizophrenia, voices, the vestibular, and gravity

A person can summon voices by using voluntary tones of tinnitus or voluntary voice creating. Recording the inner ear while you are upset with voices and simultaneously using voluntary tones of tinnitus or voluntary voice creating is an alternative treatment.

I observed that an animal such as a cat sitting very still will move it’s head right after a voluntary short tone in the ear. Manipulating the whistling in the ears into short tones is a practice. It requires a person to go into a meditative like state in a silent room, listen for the whistling, than manipulate it by controlling the amount released. Yawning and other simple things cause whistling in the ears.

Voluntary voice creating you can re create a voice to say what you want by focusing in on the sound waves of the voice and let your mind go blank and sort of using your ears to speak with the voice. I’ve noticed it can be done and my cat seemed to wonder if that was a person calling her name from where I made the voice.

I did experiments where my participant listened for the whistling in the silence and I attempted it. Watching a timer, we were able to match up when the other person attempted it 9 times out of 10!

After observing that over activity with voices made me dizzy, I wondered why the balance system of all things should be effected by thought. My theory is that the vestibular, the ear’s balance system, mixes with the cochlea involuntarily to create voices, and receives changes in the atmosphere related to the sound waves emitted by another person’s cochlea. The vibration is amplified and occurs in both the vestibular and in the adjacent cochlea causing a whistling. The ears balance system is closely related to emotions caused by thoughts and other things. It can be observed that a change in emotion sometimes causes the balance system to start circulating in an unpleasant way. I also believe the balance system is connected to sleeping and the subconcious which can be observed just before falling asleep. An involuntary vestibular language may be discernible while a person sleeps and converted into visual broadcast by a computer program.

A person’s honest response to interrogation may be recorded by recording dreams and subconscious responses. Subconscious damage that is proven to be un-necessary or greedy and otherwise victimizing may be recorded right after it happens.