Schizophrenia Thing

I am struggling basically my brain feels like it is inflamed with dopamine. So as part of my war I put metallic star stickers on my letterbox, but of course over time they came off or have faded. I already have a plan waterproof gorilla tape over the star stickers. But I have to remove the stickers that are already there first. I am going to do it tomorrow. I bought some cleaning products.

Rant time: orange power one of them is called, the small bottle it comes in can totally leak bad for transportation I already had some but it really stood out to me when I bought more. Plus this stuff smells really a lot of citrus therefore I wont use it on my letterbox because my letterbox is next to all the others. But I can only imagine a smoking chimpanzee designed the bottle of this product.

More so I have already done big decorations on my balcony and on inside of my window facing out where they can see. This is difficult for me. The technique for removing the stickers will involve probably non scratch scourers. Most sticker remover agents are quite heavy duty like eucalyptus oil god that stuff is like breathing something in. I made a vow never to use that again years ago, but i will try using just mild general purpose cleaning spray sprayed heavily onto the scourer. I will not support orange power because it seems designed by a chimpanzee. I would punch whoever designed it in the head.

I’ve used a product called “Goo Gone” to remove labels and sticky adhesive. It has a citrus scent.

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My brain says to not worry about using specialized things. To be honest Im not even sure a general purpose cleaning agent will work but don’t worry I just remembered. This so so ■■■■■■■ good you know bread? Well they come with these little plastic tags. I know that even windex general purpose cleaning spray, and non scratch scourers and those bread tags, ive used them in the past, i know i will be able to get those stickers off. The bread tags are really good for removing stickers

It sounds like it will be properly executed and no stuff ups. Leaving citrus everywhere would have been bad, but you are not going to do that your brain must have realized. It will be properly executed you have them now :smirk: As I understand it you will precut the gorilla tape to precise size then stick it to non stick paper pieces then got and do it. First star stickers then gorilla tape pieces over the top. You got this!

Late now tomoorow I will remove stuff from the letterbox. I will also get a goo remover product in case I ever need it for some othere things but it will be quality and easily transportable as 99% of other things are I already found something that seems good a spray. Doing decent with money but being conscious its part of me winning against neighbors and others making sure I don’t suffer from running out of money and starving, etc.

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I cleaned thee letterbox it was easy non scratch scourers with windex sprayed on them was sufficient I didnt even hav to use the bread tags.

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