Schizophrenia the modern day leprosy?

“Sanghera, who calls schizophrenia the modern equivalent of leprosy.”

So I read the most bizarre thing today in a mental health magazine and it was a man who has a brother and a father both diagnosed with schizophrenia and he said that “Schizophrenia is the modern equivalent of leprosy.”
I’m not sure I have any idea what this person meant, so I was just wondering what people hear think about this.
Here is a link to the article I found the statement in.

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Thanks to the media, and misinformation - we are modern day lepers. In the 80s people with AIDS were the lepers of our society, today, schizophrenics - people living with SZ are treated like lepers. Not everyone treats us this way, but many people are so ignorant and uneducated on schizophrenia, they actually believe we all have multiple personalities and carry an axe. Get with it people, this is supposed to be the modern age


I agree with Wave. There is so much misinformation and ignorance in society about schizophrenia which originates from the media. I guess headlines like those stated in the article “Series of blunders frees schizophrenic cannibal who kills two more people” gets people to read their publications too!

However sometimes these myths are perpetuated by people who are supposed to be the ‘experts’ - doctors and mental health ‘professionals’ as a result of their own prejudices and current practices.

If any other group in society was treated like this there would be outrage.

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The media loves to fear monger. It’s what creates ratings and reader hits.

Wave is right; in the 80’s it was people suffering AIDS

In the 90’s it was us bad dirty homeless people who gave the world antibiotic resistant tuberculosis.

Turn of the century, it was those bad foreigners who were bringing in SARS

Now it’s back to mental illness.

There are always some people who will hold on to their fear and hate no matter what day and age it is. What a sad little world they live in.

Please note, that believing that everyone who isn’t Sz could never understand, never extend a kindness; never offer a hand is also a sad presumption. I know just as many Non-Sz people who are patient and kind as I know people with SZ who are impatient and angry.


Schizophrenia carries a heavy negative stigma, thats for sure. I try to disprove the lazy stigma by being a competitive powerlifter (just joined a competitive team a few weeks ago) and am already pretty good at it. I also do very well in school, honestly perfectly well, all A’s.

if people dont like you ■■■■ them


thought i would say hi.
there are worse things than sz, too many to mention, we are lucky we only have this.
take care

My delusional thinking process is believing schizophrenia is leprosy. My conscious doesn’t believe it though.

Because lepers were ostracized from society. They were feared and misunderstood. That’s what that guy meant. No one wanted to be around them.

@77nick77 it resembled more then that. It was a curse to the impure. A curse given by god because of the persons sins