Schizophrenia sucks the life out of you

it literally damages your brain at a young age that leaves you crippled from medications that half ass workhave more overyou live less in age than most people

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Sometimes I feel like the medications do as much damage as the schizophrenia

I also happen to know that there is very little research and knowledge on long-term side effects of anti-psychotics. (Probably because long term studies are very difficult to do with regular people, much less schizophrenics who are far more likely to stop or avoid taking medication)


The world is a mess.

Reality is a mess.

Just recently I looked at my income compared to the super rich.

If I saved every dollar I received via ODSP ( Ontario Disability Support Program ), rather than spend a penny of it, it turned out that I would have to save that money for 80,000 years to reach the same amount that the super rich have in one life time.

Thus one person has the amount of cash that is the equivalent of what would take me 80,000 years to accumulate if I spent not a cent.

The purpose of the existence of the so called Schizophrenia is even worse !