Schizophrenia simplified 101

No need to tell you about it, think for yourself

I don’t believe in ghosts, you have to choose and decide what is real yourself.

Your your own problem, there is your criticism.

Causes of the experiences-
Decide the cause yourself,
your your own effect,
way to be effected and effective.

Visual halluicenations-
Don’t be a perfectionist

Cognitive issues-
Can’t help you

Emotional issues-
Feeling aren’t the truth

The cure and answer-
your the Curator of your own metaphoric sickness.

Well your 50% on your way with these steps, the other 50% will either be left to you or your illness.

Don’t bother me with emotional criticism, evaluate and choose your own reasoning.


If your post was “I” statements it would be one thing, but you’re making “you” statements.

You don’t speak for me. Do you understand that? And you don’t speak for anyone on this website except yourself.

If you think I’m going to let you put a guilt trip on the members of this website you got another thing coming.

Have a nice day.

I don’t agree with everything, but enjoy the spirit of your message. I recognize a lot of what I consider the most crucial step in my recovery: ditching anosognosia and other delusions.

It’s more of a guide, your the one who published the I.

Anyways it’s not suppose to be directed negatively to someone even though it might seem that way. My apology if it came off that way to you.

The centralized idea of the message is to think, reason, decide and choose yourself,
The adversary and protagonist of madness being in your own force or more in your choice/control then beheld.