(Schizophrenia) Schizoaffective Disorder Breakthrough Successful Treatment Aktiffvate and ImunStem ...this is a product advertistment but has a question on its credibility ....?

Have u tried this…they say this product has a FDA approval no for SZ but as a Diaetry supplement …??? A huge question…???

Here’s the ingredients :slight_smile:

SUPPLEMENT FACTS Serving Size: (0.50ml) (491.50mg) Serving Per Container: Amount Per Serving 56 serving Olive Leaf extract 260mg %DV Yarrow extract ** 52mg Rosemary extract ** 63mg ** Daily Value (DV) not established

As you can see, it has no antipsychotic properties whatsoever.

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looks like complete shyt i wouldn’t feed this stuff to an animal. the guy is not even believable

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