Schizophrenia Research Institute - New therapy may assist voice-hearers (CBRT)

Cognitive Behavioural Relating Therapy (CBRT) is a novel treatment developed by Perth-based psychologist Dr Georgie Paulik that aims to improve how people relate to the voices they hear, as well as other people socially, and decrease the amount of distress caused by persistent voice-hearing.


I like it… how to respond assertively. I never thought about it, but that makes a lot of sense to me.

thank you for finding this.

I quickly google’d to see if I could find more information on this CBRT but didn’t see anything. It does sound promising and I hope that it does give hope that some can learn to take back some control and stand up for themselves were the voices are concerned.

I need barbital therapy, not this stuff.

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I’ve been posting this for 2 years!

" teaching people how to relate to these voices with a sense of authority and intimacy was an effective way to overcome this obstacle. “Some people didn’t want to engage with their voices, as there was an element of fear and intimidation in the relationship, so teaching them how to respond assertively helped to improve this relationship,” Dr Paulik explains. “CBRT encourages people to question the beliefs they hold about a voice’s power and the way in which they relate to the voices, which improves the relationship between the voice and voice hearer "

Both authority and intimacy, depending on the particular voice and situation…

I have found the entities behind the voices are often starved for love and almost have no concept of it since they are mostly met by fear and hate, as well as running away… You would be amazed how much a little love can go…
As for authority, many of them are plain bullies and like 3D bullies when someone they are picking on turns around and stands up to them they either back off or sometimes become best friends.
You would also be surprised to know that instead of giving in and following what the voice tells you, they can sometimes do what you tell them or ask them to do…
When they start appearing to people 800 miles away or making things happen exactly as you asked them to, you know you are dealing with something more than just in your mind, and even if it is in your mind, it shows how you can control that energy to benefit yourself…be responsible though!

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Got to write this one down for future reference-thanks!**

People - contact them if you’re interested:

If you are interested in pursuing CBRT with your therapist, contact the Institute ( and we’ll pass your details on to Dr Paulik who can share the workbooks and materials with your therapist.