Schizophrenia recovery

1 out of 3 recovers completely. 2 out of 3 are eccentric and have some episodes nothing too major. 1 goes completely crazy beyond help and needs to be institutionalized.

Umm… that adds up to 4 not 3. Check your math or your statistics.

What’s your source?

No the one completely crazy isn’t in recovery.

I’ve heard the 30% diagnosed make a full recovery. Don’t have a source available.

Never heard about the % who get institutionalized.

That’s a low percentage just go figure the rest.

its right around 1 in 3

This isn’t true- my books say one third get better, one third stay the same to an extent, and one third get worse. One in five fully recover. The rest have to live with it and some manage it remarkably well (me!)


With some adjustments we are saying the same things.

Breaking my balls man. 1 in 5…

I have gotten better in a lot of ways. I think everyone can if they work at it. I think some people lack the ability to understand and express whats going on inside, those are the people that need help.

No the problem is going too far inside and not developing intimate relations with others

I’ve gotten better in my own way though I have no understanding or grasp on thoughts. Little socialization - The human race is a rainbow. Everyone is (should be) different in each individual way.

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Okay, so “the one completely crazy” is out of how many?

He can’t be in the set of 2 out of 3 who are “eccentric and have some episodes nothing too major”, and he definitely can’t be in the set of 1 out of 3 who “recovers completely”.

Since 1 out of 3 and 2 out of 3 adds up to 100% you have a logical fallacy or you don’t have accurate enough statistics.

One in five fully recover, the other fifths aren’t exactly all failures.

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I feel fine… Still getting better psychologically speaking. I live in a totally different world though.