Schizophrenia questions

If anyone has any questions about schizophrenia or thinks they have it or anything like that feel free to message me your questions. I have many many years “experience” with this illness so if you want to talk to someone who you want to relate to I’m your man. Lol

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I would like to know what to do with all my time during the days and nights that I do nothing but listen to music and sleep naps every time I get bored.?

I am the SAME EXACT way. With my schizophrenia comes extreme lack of motivation so I spend 99% of my day in my room on YouTube or playing video games. I think the best thing for schizophrenics is to always, always keep your mind occupied. Otherwise you’ll sit in silence and focus on your voices or have obsessive thoughts. So if your bored, try to find something you enjoy whether it’s music, reading, video games, etc. Just keep your mind occupied


I watch movies all day.


I saw a bunch of sites that were trying to connect video game addiction to sz…but I love video games…play don’t starve…its like sz training…you have to do certain things to keep your character healthy both mentally and physically…

I found psychiatric drop-in centres years ago. I find they’re very helpful to meet other people in our situation and to share thoughts and time together.