Schizophrenia patient

I am new in this forum. I guess am suffering from schizophrenia. But I really think people can hear my thoughts and it feels so real. Even when they talk I feel like they can hear what am thinking but they don’t wanna tell sometimes they kinda give hint but I am not sure. I really need your help guys.

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I get this as well.

When walking around I tend to focus on objects as if I make eye contact what you describes is even worse.

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@Arpan are u from india… ho see a pdoc as soon as possible.


Am from bhutan if you know where that is. I have visit hospital they gave me some medication but I stopped cuz it had many side effect. I thought it was because of cannabis but I stopped using it for months now and recently schizophrenia has started again. I really think they can hear me

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You should take your meds as prescribed by your doctor :pill:


I have been sz patient for 9- years. Its very difficult in the beginning because finding the medication that is right for you takes along time.

Every organism is different. I tried 7 meds before i found out that zyprexa is right for me. When you find the right medication it wount have side effects.

I know its very hard when you think people can hear your thoughts. It means you are sick. I dont like being sick so i take my meds. You dont notice when you are sick because its the brain disease. But when you take meds for few days…and your thoughts calm down you can make a differece what it was like when you were sick and what it is like when you are not sick.


Even when people talk I feel like as if they can hear what am thinking.

This is not possible to read someone’s thoughts. You need a psychiatrist and meds if you care about your health.


Yeah I feel same way but today somebody said in class that they can hear me. And other time also people say you calling bro


These experiences go away with good treatment. I’d recommend low-dose Abilify for it, it works for me to shut down thought broadcasting.


And I feel like there’s camera in my room. I searched my whole room but found nothing and when people talk I feel like they are talking about my life and what I did. Sometime I feel liqke am famous like I have sex tape or something. And I hope not

Yeah, I used to feel like the center of attention everywhere until I started taking Abilify. I know how it is when total strangers’ conversations seem to be about you and your thought processes.

And I feel like that stranger gets disturbed by that. Was it same for you?

Yeah, I’d have to censor my thoughts to prevent people from reacting to them before the treatment, and now I can think whatever I want to without punishment.

Here’s a thread about treating thought broadcasting:

Contact your psychiatrist, there are many medications you can try if one has bad side effects for you.

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It’s a really common belief for people with sz. I don’t get it really but I know lots of others on here do. So you definitely won’t be alone here :slight_smile: welcome!

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