Schizophrenia Paradise

I say we all chip in and buy our own paradise island!! You have to have schizophrenia to live there, Normies can come to the island but only to work as our servants catering to our every need.
We would each have a private hut with hammock to ly in and a reserved lounge chair on the beach.

What else would out Island have??

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Sounds cool. I’m in

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Naa no servants, we all live together in a thriving community that we sustain.

Elephants for transportation pls
With fancy Hawaiian-Indian styled saddles

Sweat lodges for sure


I will be teaching poolside yoga classes every morning!

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I’d be happy to help make the meals and I demand we have at least one firepit for storytelling and song time late at night along with s’mores :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I be in charge of firework shows too? Or is anyone triggered by explosions?

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We prob would need a pharmacy!! Lol. Or at least good “herbal” farmer to keep everyone sedated if necessary!! I just happen to have a green thumb for such things! Sign me up.

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