Schizophrenia more common in immigrants than in the native population

Few years ago I read somewhere that immigrants have more often schizophrenia than the native population. I do not recall exactly what it said, but I suppose ‘cultural conflct’ and ‘living in non-native linguistic environment’ raise the risk level of developing schizophrenia. Anybody else heard anything about this? It actually makes sense, my aunt and my cousin in Sweden has sz and I developed my psz in America where I was an immigrant over a decade. I suppose it is something to do with stress levels.

I don’t buy into that crap. The stats on SZ are so vague and inconsistent - I don’t even bother to pay attention to it anymore


Yes, there is so much to be researched as this today’s news on genetic mutations shows. Science goes forward, but I do believe that immigrants have certain pressures in their lives that native people do not have, which may contribute to many psychological disorders such as depression. I had many depressive phases in America in the 1990s.

Yes I totally agree with you on this @mjseu

not in my case - my dad was an immigrant from the Netherlands and he did fine all these years, and I stayed in one city all my life and developed sz.

Well, was that New Amsterdam the name of NYC before they took the name New York a couple of hundred years ago.

I had read that too, mjseu, but seemed the reason was more due to the person doing the interview with the immigrants, wasn’t familiar with what was considered “normal” in the immagrants cultural background.