Schizophrenia Meds: Drug Interactions to Check On

"Grapefruit. This fruit and its juice can dangerously raise blood levels of some antipsychotic drugs such as lurasidone (Latuda), quetiapine (Seroquel), and ziprasidone (Geodon).

Nicotine: Smoking can decrease levels of medicines for schizophrenia which are active in your body. Let your doctor know if you smoke or use nicotine."


I think the grapefruit interaction is one that gets over-looked A LOT in medicine, not just psychiatry, and it’s a real thing to have the doctor aware of. Fortunately, at least in my case, when seeing ANY new doctor, they ask about my smoking history, and I’m honest about it. To my knowledge, I’ve never had a medication adjustment due to my nicotine intake.

ETA: Oh, and I hate grapefruit. No amount of sugar makes it taste good.

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You stayed on the same dosage before and after starting smoking?

Essentially, yes. I’ve stopped and started smoking several times (and vaping), and have never had my doses tinkered with.

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Weird I never knew about grapefruit and Geodon

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